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Soak Up Some Sun on Our Rooftop: The Top Movies in Los Angeles July

June is over, but summer is just getting started! We’re so overjoyed that we’re jumping into July with some of our favorite films. In no particular order, we’re sharing some of our top picks screening on our rooftop this month!  

Out of Sight (1998)

Why You Should Watch It:

It’s starring two of the biggest stars of the 90s – Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney. Released twenty years ago (Happy Birthday!), this movie’s got everything – action, comedy, romance, and did we mention Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney? Swoon!

Escape from prison on July 3rd.

Best Quote:

You wanted to tussle. We tussled.” – Karen Sisco

Scream (1996)

Why You Should Watch It:

Because when a stranger calls and asks you what your favorite movie is, you should definitely say that it’s “Scream”. Thank god for Caller ID right? Join us on our rooftop and watch the movie that definitely inspired at least one of your Halloween costumes.

Screen your calls on July 10th at LEVEL.

Best Quote:

“No, please don’t kill me, Mr. Ghostface, I wanna be in the sequel!” – Tatum

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

Why You Should Watch It:

Because you’re looking for an excuse to binge eat Reese’s Pieces. E.T. is probably the most adorable movie about aliens ever. Don’t think so? Do you think the chestburster alien from Aliens would be nearly as cute dressed in a wig and dress? Of course not.

Phone home on July 12th.

Best Quote:

“You could be happy here, I could take care of you. I wouldn’t let anybody hurt you. We could grow up together, E.T.” – Elliot

The Post (2017)

Why You Should Watch It:

Because it’s starring Meryl Streep. Do you need another reason, it’s Meryl Streep? She’s been nominated for an Academy Award 21 times! Fine. Our fave, Streep plays Katharine Graham, the first female publisher of an American newspaper (Yaaas! Girl Power!)

Track down your source on July 17th.

Best Quote:

I always wanted to be part of a small rebellion.” – Ben Bagdikian

Isle of Dogs (2018)

Why You Should Watch It:

It’s a movie about our favorite four legged pals! Who doesn’t love dogs? Well…cat people we guess, but since when did their opinion matter? Featuring Wes Anderson’s signature style and quirky characters, Isle of Dogs definitely deserves a round of ap-paws.

Play fetch with us on July 27th.

Best Quote:

“Don’t ask me to fetch that stick.” – Chief

Sister Act (1992)

Why You Should Watch It:

Because you’re faithful to films starring the always amazing Whoopi Goldberg. If you haven’t seen Sister Act, trust us, Whoopi’s performance is heavenly. Besides, there’s nun-thing better than singing along to a bunch of rock-n-roll version of classic hymns.

Say grace on July 26th.

Best Quote:

“Oh! You don’t think I see. You think I took vows yesterday.” – Sister Mary Lazarus


Lady Bird (2017)

Why You Should Watch It:

Because you’re feeling particularly angsty. A lot of us aren’t particularly fond of our hometowns, and can totally relate to our title character’s desire to leave home ASAP, but Lady Bird reminds us that there will always be always be a few things that’ll make us a little homesick. BRB catching a flight to visit our families.

Call your mother on July 18th.

Best Quote:

Different things can be sad… it’s not all war!” – Lady Bird

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