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Howdy Y’all! Our Top 7 Favorite Houstonians in Film

We’re super excited about our new home, Deep In The Heart of Texas, and to celebrate, we’re highlighting some of our favorite H-Towners to appear on the silver screen.  

Read on to see if your favorite celebs made the cut….

7. Wes Anderson

Why We Love Him:

Because he does it all with an incredibly unique style. From directing to producing, to screenwriting, to acting, there’s nothing that this Houston native can’t do (way to make us all look bad, we can barely manage to put on matching socks in the morning)! Anderson is constantly creative colorful and captivating classics and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Houston Fun Fact:

Anderson graduated from St. John’s School in Houston in 1987, which later served as the setting for Anderson’s 2nd feature-length film, Rushmore in 1998.

PS: You can catch Rushmore on our Houston rooftop on October 10th.

6. Debbie Allen

Why We Love Her:

Because Allen is another amazing example of a Houstonian that can do it all! Actress, dancer, choreographer, and director. Most known for her work on the musical-drama Fame, Allen also has credit working in film and theater. If that’s not impressive enough – talent runs in the family! Actress Phylicia Rashad is Allen’s big sister and her mother is Pulitzer-nominated poet, playwright, and publisher Vivian Allen. Asking for a friend, is the Allen family interested in adopting us?

Houston Fun Fact:

After an impressive audition, Allen was admitted to the Houston Ballet School at the age of 12!

5. Jim Parsons

Why We Love Him:

Uhh, because he’s the star of one of the biggest TV shows ever! Yes, everyone knows Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, but did you know he actually got his start on stage? That’s right, yet another multi-talented Houstonian that’s comfortable on both stage and screen (sensing a pattern here?). In fact, Parsons is so comfortable on stage that he recently received a Drama Desk Award nomination for his Broadway debut. That’s right – the first time Parsons stepped on a Broadway stage, he was nominated for an award for it, NBD.

Houston Fun Fact:

Parson was a theater major at the University of Houston and claims that growing up in Houston was beneficial to him as an actor.

4. Hilary Duff

Why We Love Her:

Because we wouldn’t have made it through our awkward adolescent years without her. Starring in all of our fave teen dramas, Duff is def the queen of the 2000s. So much so, that Duff has been described as an inspiration by subsequent Disney teen stars such as Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez. That’s right, who knows where your current faves would be without Houston’s very own Hilary?

Houston Fun Fact:

Not only is Hilary hail from Houston, she’s a sixth-generation Texan and attended Memorial Drive Elementary school!

3. Shelley Duvall

Why We Love Her:

Because first of all, her nickname is “The Texas Twiggy” which is beyond amazing. Second, so much respect to Duvall to always excelling at taking on eccentric characters. Seriously, Duvall went from killing it in The Shining and then turned around to star in Popeye as Olive Oyl the very same year, which a huge deal. Especially since she had no real formal acting experience or training!

Houston Fun Fact:

After being scouted at a local party, Duvall was cast in Brewster McCloud, aka the first feature film to be filmed inside the Houston Astrodome.

2. Patrick Swayze

Why We Love Them:

Because we’ve had the time of our life, and we owe it all to Mr. Swayze! The H-Town legend could do it all, from acting to dancing to singing and look good while doing it. Like really good while doing it. Like, SO good that he was named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine in 1991. Anyway, there was def more to Swayze than just his very good looks, we at Rooftop are big Swayze fans, and love that he constantly took risks with acting roles, playing everything from ghosts to surfers who help FBI agents captured bank robbers. You’re very much missed, Mr. Swayze!

Go Crazy for Swayze during our screening of Dirty Dancing October 3rd, on our Houston rooftop!

Houston Fun Fact:

Swayze didn’t always have dreams of becoming one of the biggest actors of all time. He was a running back for the Waltrip High School Rams in 1971 and was hoping to receive a football scholarship for college until a knee injury ended his NFL dreams.

1. Beyonce

Why We Love Her:

Omg, where do we even start? We’re crazy in love with Queen Bee, but who isn’t?! She’s a total role model who constantly reminds us who runs the world (girls!).  Yonce absolutely slays at everything she does – from singing to dancing to acting, to just generally being a boss, Beyonce can do no wrong.

Houston Fun Fact:

Despite being super busy, Beyonce always tries to come home to Houston during all the major holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Houston Rodeo.

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