Screen Drafts Live Podcast & John Carpenter Screening - Rooftop Cinema Club

Screen Drafts Live Podcast & John Carpenter Screening

Join us for a celebration of the greatest horror auteur of all-time, the inimitable John Carpenter. We’ll kick off at 7:30pm with a live recording of the popular SCREEN DRAFTS podcast, where experts and enthusiasts competitively collaborate on the creation of screen-centric ‘best of’ lists. The guests for this special JOHN CARPENTER edition will be film critic and screenwriter DREW MCWEENY (Pulp & Popcorn) and filmmaker JOE LYNCH (Mayhem, Knights of Badassdom), and they’ll be doing epic battle as they rank the top seven Carpenter films of all-time. Once the podcast ends (around 9:15 p.m.), we’ll screen whichever Carpenter film tops the list. Will it be 1978’s HALLOWEEN? Will it be BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA? Or MEMOIRS OF AN INVISIBLE MAN? The possibilities aren’t endless, but they’re certainly contentious. You’ll also be automatically eligible to win some amazing Carpenter-centric prizes!

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