Vidiots Presents: The Return of the Living Dead - Rooftop Cinema Club

Vidiots Presents: The Return of the Living Dead

We’re inviting our friends over at Vidiots to host a screening of the fun and wild zombie comedy The Return of The Living Dead! Vidiots Foundation is a non-profit organization and one-of-kind hub for film lovers, filmmakers, and everyone curious about cinema. You can donate to Vidiots directly when you purchase your ticket. All donations will go to help Vidiots relaunch its brick-and-mortar at the historic Eagle Theatre in Northeast Los Angeles. 

Vidiots has launched a very special COME SIT WITH US! theater-seat-naming campaign. Please support, and check out how your seat-naming donation can support Vidiots’ relaunch! LINK TO LEARN MORE AND NAME YOUR SEAT!

Come dressed as your fave movie character (or favorite anything!) and trick-or-treat at the Rooftop all month long! We’ll be giving out candy to any guest who arrives in costume. It doesn’t matter whether you come decked out as Danny and Sandy from Grease, Jason Vorhees, Harry Potter, or any ghoul in between!

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