Franchise Rooftop Cinema Club

With headquarters in London, Rooftop Cinema Club is a rapidly expanding immersive cinema brand offering film lovers an altogether different movie experience. Venues feature amazing views, gourmet street food, themed cocktails and excellent service while screening cult, classic or new release movies. We have 10 years experience building a trustworthy brand, plus the know-how to create events that attract up to 35,000+ admissions from one venue in a single season. The target market of 18-35 year old film lovers are active social media users with a disposable income who are open to new concepts and trends. Since expanding successfully into the US market with venues in New York and LA, and globally with venues popping up in Barcelona, and Dubai we are now in a position to franchise our prize formula of ‘experience cinema’ events across Europe, Asia and South America. Interested in running your own cinema experience? Here’s more information to get you started.