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Why you should see a movie on our rooftops

Less Netflix and Chill, more big screen and THRILL. We know how hard it is to move from that one super comfy position (you know which one we mean) but there’s a big wide world out there and you should be experiencing it. Says us; your friendly neighbourhood life gurus.

Let’s Get Social

You gotta admit that when you’re part of a crowd feelin’ the same feels, there’s a magic buzz in the air. Yeah, watching a movie in your underwear is cool and all, but you will never get that same feeling as when you turn to the stranger next to you and realise they’re crying, too. (Be a friend, offer some tissues to your co-cryer.) 

Memories Maketh Man

Maybe you’re showing someone a movie you love, rewatching a childhood favourite, or just feel like doing something new. Whatever the reason, it’s special. You’ll remember the 24 ft wide screen, you’ll remember the sunsets and you’ll remember the people who came with you… y’know, as long as you #DrinkResponsibly. If not, you’ll always have your selfies.

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

(Image cred – IG: @joss.tm)

Rooftops are a literally perfect place to celebrate all the good things in life; a wedding, a birthday, a day off from work, finding that one sock you’ve been looking for since FOREVER ago… there’s always an excuse if you try hard enough. Grab a loved one, grab a camera, and go up a few flights.

Don't Skip a beat