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Robin Williams: Master of Improv

Robin Williams is just one of those actors we’ll never forget, and we don’t want to. One of his best traits? Improv. We’ll never forget these moments when we were really shown what talent looks like.

Mrs. Doubtfire

That one scene where Mrs. Doubtfire’s teeth fall into her glass? Yeah. Nobody saw that coming. Like, we’ve seen a lot of party tricks, but we’ll all be seeing this one in our sleep.

Good Will Hunting

Apparently even the best writers couldn’t come up with a story about a wife that farts. Cowards. Rumour has it that the camera shakes during this scene ’cause the cameraman was in hysterics. We’ll be watching out for this the next time we decide to watch a movie that makes us cry actual rivers.


Williams improvised and ad-libbed so much in the film that it was turned down for a nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay at the Oscars… since it was no longer considered an adaptation. Not too sure whether to be proud about that that one or not…

Schindler’s List

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After becoming friends with Steven Spielberg on the set of Hook, Spielberg would call Williams during the filming of Schindler’s List and get him to tell jokes and ad-lib in order to make the rest of the cast and crew laugh during the heavy scenes. #Bless #EveryoneNeedsARobinWilliamsInTheirLife


When asked about what the title meant, King Williams would give a different answer every time. He once said “I tell them it’s an island in the Caribbean. Book your travel there early”. Thanks for the advice, but we probably won’t be comparing prices for that flight any time soon…

Here’s to Robin Williams, master of improv.

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