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The best outfits from Mean Girls

The outfits: #OnWednesdaysWeWearPink


What’s so great about it?

Where do we start? Karen takes it way too literally and wears nothing BUT pink (because why not, right? You only live once…) and you’ve gotta give extra love to Regina’s slogan top. ‘A LITTLE BIT DRAMATIC’- did someone say ‘relatable’?!

What’s so bad about it?


The outfit: #CoolMum

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 13.44.29

What’s so great about it?

This isn’t an outfit. It’s a life choice.

A full pink jumpsuit. It’s FABULOUS. She’s not even exercising (does she even lift?). That’s literally just her clothes. Above anything else, she looks really comfy, and we can get behind that. You go, Mrs. George.

What’s so bad about it?

The consequences.

Someone mistakes you for candy floss, a mob quickly assembles, wraps you around a wooden stick and children start to slowly gum you until you dissolve and fade away.

The outfit: How to: Make Christmas Weird and Not Child-Friendly

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 13.29.17

What’s so great about it?

The bows are super cute, the boots are super cute, the hats are super cute, and everyone loves a bit of fur. Bit hard to pull off after you’re overflowing with Christmas dinner, but respect your spirit.

What’s so bad about it?

It’s Christmas, and the gloves give off a bit too much of a Dominatrix vibe. Great for cleaning the roasting trays, not so great for grandma’s already bad opinion of you.

The outfits: Shallow-een


What’s so great about it?

Literally everything.

Karen put the absolute minimum amount of effort into her costume (a mouse, duh) with her adorable fake ears and black dress, Gretchen makes you want to bow down in her Catwoman style latex, Regina set out to be the sexiest bunny in the universe… and… Cady… is…

How did Cady not get the memo that Halloween is an excuse to dress as saucy as possible? That’s basically innate knowledge.

What’s so bad about it?

Cady looks, like, really scary.

The outfits: #MeanGirls’StartlinglyRealisticPortrayalOf16-Year-oldsInHighSchool.

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What’s so great about it?

Remember that time when we walked into school and the other students automatically parted to make way for our brand-new 6 inch heels, inconveniently small handbags, professionally blown-out hair and faces made-up like we’re going to the club? Yeah, that never happened. To anyone.

Gretchen is literally on the verge of bursting into salsa- did nobody tell her she’s in Mean Girls and not High School Musical? #Awkward

Karen looks like she got drunk with the 90’s and it threw up on her. The ‘Bling Bling’ tee and her heels are genuinely fantastic. (Where can we get a pair, right?!)

Who’s even looking at Regina’s outfit? What’s going on with her face? (What can you smell, girl?)

Jokes aside, Cady’s outfit is ACTUALLY wearable. Everything matches and the pastels totes compliment each other. Nice one, gurl.

What’s so bad about it?

Just looking at this is will make your feet hurt.

Your feet, and probably your soul.

The outfit: Put the ‘snaz’ in ‘snazzy’


What’s so great about it?

Two words: Bow. Ties.


What’s so bad about it?

Nothing. It’s incredible, how dare you.



Mean Girls is not the most dynamic of films, but goddamn, those people dress to impress.


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