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Movie plots that just wouldn’t work in 2018

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it. Or, you could end up not understanding movie plots because, like, how outdated can you get? 2018 is going to be an... interesting year... and we've changed a lot in the past couple decades. So, we've compiled a list of movie plots that would never happen in real life 2018, because sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

Films With Ultimate Friendship Goals

Bros before hoes, sisters before misters, junk before trunk, chicks before dicks… Boyfriends and girlfriends might come and go but your friends are for life. To celebrate pals everywhere, we’re watching our favourite mate movies. #squadgoals

Boy Meets Girl, Boy Meets Boy, Girl Meets Girl

The 90s really smashed the rom-com genre out the park but, as it turns out, boy + girl, boy + boy or girl+ girl = great film, whatever the decade, whatever the gender. We all know, #LoveWins. Go and get your heart warmed by this lot.

The Best Anti-Valentine’s Films

Forget Valentine’s Day, who needs it? Less Netflix and chill, more hot chicks who kill. We don’t want chocolate hearts, we want broken ones. Preferably with a side order of boiled rabbit.

Movies that make your teenage self feel less alone

Movies are more important than many realise, and some movies are more impactful than others when it comes to finding a special place in your heart. Here's our pick of films to watch when your teenage self feels a bit lonely.

Cocktails from the Movies

Dry January’s over! If you did it, well done. If you didn’t... same…

To celebrate your reigning month-long sobriety, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite cocktails as featured in film to make your way through. We’ll have you off that wagon again in no time…