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Movie Dance Scenes We All Know the Moves To

Whether they’re from highly choreographed movie musicals, or straight-up romcoms with some pretty hot steps thrown in, there are some films out there that give us a serious dancing itch. From Little Miss Sunshine’s Super Freak to Jena’s 13 Going On 30 Thriller recreation, these moves are so memorable that we just can’t help ourselves. […]

7 Cats from Film: Our Feline Favourites

Cats. Nobody’s best friend because dogs. But despite the common assumption that cats are furry dictators who give zero f*cks about the humans that attach themselves to them, they occasionally pop up on the big screen and steal the whole damn show. Here’s our pick of the feline favourites from film. Cheshire Cat, Alice in […]

Disney: The New, The Sequels and the Remakes

A whole new world of magical movie details was laid out at Disney’s annual D23 Expo – and we simply can’t contain our excitement about ‘em. Here’s what we’ve learned: Dumbo Tim Burton is back at it again, and he’s bringing Beetlejuice star Michael Keaton and Ms. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children lead Eva Green […]

Universal Monsters Resurrected: From Old to New

This year, Universal unleashed its greatest mega-monster: Dark Universe, a brand spankin’ new franchise that aims to resurrect Universal’s classic monsters. Dark Universe kicked off its revamped monster-verse with the newly released ‘The Mummy’, and is slowly leaving crumb trails to a whole world of new and old. Are we excited? Definitely. The Mummy The […]

Fathers from Film

It’s Father’s Day, so what better way to celebrate than to list our favourite dads from the movies? (Answer: there is no better way, don’t question it.) Some of these Padres spend their lives risking themselves for their kids, some of them go to weird extremes to see them and others, well, others are murderous […]

Film Characters We Want to be Prime Minister

It’s general election time again and with so much hanging in the balance, nobody seems to know what the f*ck is going on. It’s pretty much all between May and Corbyn but everyone seems to be struggling to decide if either of them are actually any good. So we’ve wracked our brains and come up […]